How To Replace Screen Iphone 6

Here I will share a direct tutorial how to change the iphone's touchscreen 6 in detail. Not so easy, but it doesn't hurt we learn and try to apply before brought to expert repairs. Because it is more cost-saving service. Before directly to step the discussion, I will tell you a little about the iphone product, this one following the iphone product has qualities that are reliable for those who are very fond of photography. because the quality of the sensor of the camera processor and much more powerful tool with products or equivalent for the iphone 6.
he central authority and expert repair iPhone indeed provide a good and satisfying service for consumers like us. However, the cost that we spend to do the repair and replacement of the central authorities and experts in the repair of the official apple is quite expensive, it could even double the charges if we can do the repair and replacement of your own at home.
So, what is this could be a consideration for you in order to perform repairs and replacement screen iphone 6 in place of the authority and to the official iphone repair experts, or do his own home. How To Replace Screen Iphone 6 So, if like me, then will I do the repair and replacement of its own at home, to save costs and enough to get experience. Although, it is not simple and it took a process that is quite difficult. For starters it is important, you will have to prepare a tool kit specific to the iPhone screen replacement. This consists of:
  1.    Suction cup to lift the screen out of the case
  2.    Plastic pick for removing the internal screen connection,
  3.    Small crosshead screwdriver
  4.    5-star pentalope screwdriver for removing the iPhone's main screws.
  5.    iPhone 6 LCD screen - make sure it does not come with a home button attached
I have asked some friends of mine who are experts in this field and they remind me to the fact that the error 53 can lift his head if you replace Home button there are problems using this method to replace the iPhone screen 6. Also, thanks to those have been giving purchase information tools and iPhone screen 6, I don't know. Anh here let's try to Replace the screen of iphone 6 own at home. How To Replace Screen Iphone 6
Stages 1. Make sure your Smartphone to turn off Then remove the two screws at the base using a 5-star screwdriver.
How To Replace Screen Iphone 6?? 
How To Replace Screen Iphone 6?? 
Stage 2. Use a vacuum to remove the display. Positions may be located in close proximity to the Home button then can use nails for prying and lifting the screen in order to open
Stage 3. Slowly Remove the battery using a shield tool kit that has been prepared. Before you unplug other cables or dealing with screws, battery shield and Search delete it using the screwdriver. This is to the right of the battery and look like this.
Stage 4. Remove batteries using the plastic tool kit. Unplug All the connectors in the same way-putting a tool kit under the connectors and the lever up. It would be easy.
Stage 5. Disconnect the connector shield on top of the sim card slot using a Tool kit for small cross-head
Stage 6. Use a plastic tool kit to lift and release the four flex cable is attached to the screen.
Stage 7. Remove the screen then the Home Button plate after.
Stage 8. Remove slowly the screen backing plate screws.
Stage 9. Carefully remove screws in the sides of the backing plate.
Stage 10. Cable lift Home button Using a scalpel tool kit. Do slowly and be careful
Stage 11. This is quite risky indeed, Unfortunately if the home button gets damaged, you will need to contact Apple to replace it as currently there is no way to replace Home button itself
Stage 12. Plug in the Home button to the new screen.
Stage 13. Off the backing plate cable, you may need a blower hotgun and surgical tool kit for easy take off the adhesive.
Stage 14. Remove the support plate. Use a plastic tool kit
Stage 15. Next Remove the camera and speaker part of the shield in the upper part of the screen for long. For the camera do it carefully, not to hurt the lens.
Stage 16. Then Remove the surrounding components
Stage 17. Back use blower hotgun and surgical tool kit. Remove the Ribbon throughout the set. Some parts are here again held down using the adhesive so do slow down and be careful
Stage 18. You can use a scalpel to cut the rubber off and gifts adhesive backing here. There is a small chip of gold at the end of the plastic rubber Mount. It should look like this.
Stage 19. Attach metal backing plate side screws.
Stage 20. Install ribbon set
Stage 21. Reinstall again all components - the top cable overlays over this.

Stage 22. Than attach cables and camera
Stage 23. Reinstall again the shield

Stage 24. The screen part of the cable needs to be coated in the right order – you may have to slip one under the other so they connect one by one to the middle and little big in the next step.
Stage 25. There are four wires to need to reattach and each one is a different size. Using the plastic tool kit to gently press them into place.
Stage 26. Attach screen cable shield, but be extra careful to use the correct screw for each hole. In particular, the three screws nearest to the SIM card slot use the shortest three of the five screws. The screw I'm dealing with in the above photo is the longest screw, and the one at the top left of the shield is in between. Screwing the long screw into any of the other holes can damage your phone.

Stage 27. Attach the Home Button Shield
Stage 28. Switch on your iPhone. With all cables attached, power on the phone. It should fire up as normal. Also check that the camera and Touch ID work.

Stage 29. Install case screws
How To Replace Screen Iphone 6 
Fix devices that already have 53 error (it seems to have done) probably would not have been possible unless you have the original cable and home buttons for iPhone 6-reinserting it seems able to fix the error.

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